March Madness 2014 Picks

The best part of the college basketball season is the finals. This year the NCAA is putting on games in Atlanta, Georgia, California, New York, and Texas. We look forward to an ever exciting and thrilling season as the University of Michigan fell short in the finals last year and the Duke Blue Devils shocked the world when they did not make it to the final four as they had done so well in previous years.

For the 2014 March Madness Tournament websites are putting together the latest brackets showcasing which team is playing who in each & every round as well as the latest point spreads for the games for those who are looking to bet on them against the spread as well as those who are looking for the latest scores and schedules for the games.

Each and every year we look forward to a big march madness tourney and this year will be no different. Make sure to check back with ESPN Picks for the latest sports predictions and plays for the games.

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Post NBA All Star Game Betting

Sign up above for emailed plays from the best NBA All Star post season betting strategy that has been proven to be profitable 8 out of the last 10 year.

As with all sports, betting on NBA teams after the all-star game brings some subtle but significant challenges for handicappers.
So, to help NBA handicappers make the most out of their basketball wagers, we’ve put together a few ways that betting on the NBA can change after the all-star break.
First, handicappers need to keep in mind that the NBA trade deadline comes immediately after the all-star break. And while it’s not nearly a time as active as is in other sports, it can still be a factor.
Players on the chopping block can be distracted and play much differently if they know they are going to be moved. That can have a huge impact on how teams perform, and how sports bettors should evaluate those teams.
Handicappers should also consider whether a player move is being made to improve a team’s chances in the playoffs, or if the move is simply to begin the shift into rebuilding mode. There is also the adjustment a team has to make after a trade, and that the player has to make to his new surroundings.
Next, handicappers should pay close attention to injuries to players heading into the break. The NBA season is long and key players with nagging battle wounds can have an impact on how a team is able to perform.
Is a team missing its star player? Is there a lack of depth on the team to make up for it? A couple of questions that need to be asked.
But perhaps even more crucial, and hard to for handicappers to sometimes recognize, is teams that are already out of contention by the time the NBA All-Star game has passed. The reason being, is that sometimes those teams will still play with hope and intensity if they are clearly rebuilding for the future and are making progress. However, if a team is just flat out not playing well, it could be frustrating, leading to teams playing with less intensity, which can also have a big impact on how many wins and losses they put up or how bad they get beat on a given night.
Another thing for handicappers to investigate is coaches that may be in jeopardy of losing their jobs, and impending free agents.
By the time the all-star break comes to pass, it becomes apparently clear that some coaches are playing for their own survival, making it tough for a coach to keep his players focused and motivated, especially if the season is not going as planned.
Handicappers need to consider the coaching factor when making adjustments and picks after the NBA all-star break.
Finally,  as the end of the NBA draws closer, free agency can become a big distraction as big name stars become the focus of intense speculation and the drama that often accompanies it.
This can ruin a team’s momentum heading into the postseason, or worse yet, in the midst of a playoff run. However, it can work in opposite for a team that is already out of contention,  making it play harder to prove to its fans and the media that it can still win games without the help of a lone standout.

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ESPN Odds to win 2014 NBA Championship

Odds to win 2014 NBA Championship   

Miami Heat                                         12/5

Indiana Pacers                                   11/4

Oklahoma City Thunder                15/4

San Antonio Spurs                           10/1

Golden State Warriors                   14/1

Los Angeles Clippers                       14/1

Portland Trailblazers                       16/1

Houston Rockets                              18/1

Brooklyn Nets                                   40/1

Memphis Grizzlies                           50/1

Chicago Bulls                                      66/1

Dallas Mavericks                               66/1

New York Knicks                               66/1

Minnesota Timberwolves            75/1

Phoenix Suns                                     75/1

Toronto Raptors                               75/1

Atlanta Hawks                                   100/1

Denver Nuggets                               100/1

Washington Wizards                       100/1

Detroit Pistons                                  200/1

Los Angeles Lakers                          250/1

Boston Celtics                                    300/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                         300/1

New Orleans Pelicans                    300/1

Charlotte Bobcats                            500/1

Philadelphia 76ers                           500/1

Orlando Magic                                   1000/1

Sacramento Kings                            1000/1

Utah Jazz                                             1000/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Eastern Conference         

Miami Heat                                         5/7

Indiana Pacers                                   5/4

Brooklyn Nets                                   16/1

Chicago Bulls                                      28/1

New York Knicks                               28/1

Toronto Raptors                               33/1

Atlanta Hawks                                   50/1

Washington Wizards                       50/1

Detroit Pistons                                  75/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                         100/1

Boston Celtics                                    150/1

Charlotte Bobcats                            200/1

Philadelphia 76ers                           200/1

Orlando Magic                                   500/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Western Conference      

Oklahoma City Thunder                3/2

San Antonio Spurs                           4/1

Golden State Warriors                   13/2

Los Angeles Clippers                       13/2

Portland Trailblazers                       7/1

Houston Rockets                              17/2

Memphis Grizzlies                           25/1

Dallas Mavericks                               33/1

Minnesota Timberwolves            40/1

Phoenix Suns                                     40/1

Denver Nuggets                               50/1

Los Angeles Lakers                          125/1

New Orleans Pelicans                    150/1

Sacramento Kings                            400/1

Utah Jazz                                             500/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Atlantic Division               

Toronto Raptors                               10/11

Brooklyn Nets                                   11/10

New York Knicks                               13/2

Boston Celtics                                    50/1

Philadelphia 76ers                           66/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Northwest Division         

Oklahoma City Thunder                1/5

Portland Trailblazers                       3/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Pacific Division 

Los Angeles Clippers                       1/2

Golden State Warriors                   2/1

Phoenix Suns                                     7/1


Odds to win 2014 NBA Southwest Division         

San Antonio Spurs                           1/3

Houston Rockets                              12/5

Dallas Mavericks                               25/1

Memphis Grizzlies                           25/1


2013-14 NBA MVP – Odds to Win             

Kevin Durant (OKC)                         1/3

LeBron James (MIA)                       2/1

Paul George (IND)                           12/1

LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)              12/1

Blake Griffin  (LAC)                          15/1


To Make Playoffs


Will the Charlotte Bobcats Make the Playoffs?

Yes         -110

No          -130


Will the Detroit Piston Make the Playoffs?

Yes         +110

No          -150


Will the New York Knicks Make the Playoffs?

Yes         +125

No          -175


Will the Dallas Mavericks Make the Playoffs?

Yes         -110

No          -130


Will the Memphis Grizzlies Make the Playoffs?

Yes         +105

No          -145


Will the Minnesota Timberwolves Make the Playoffs?

Yes         +110

No          -150

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espn super bowl picks 2014

For a chance to win free tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl courtesy of please call 1-888-730-2667 to enter the raffle.

ESPN Super Bowl Picks for the big game. 2014 is the ice bowl because the game is taking place in Rutherford New Jersey where it gets cold and icy outside. The possibility of the game being delayed is extremely high.

Our pick is that the Seattle Seahawks will come to play and show up the Denver Broncos with a final score of 35-24. Peyton Manning will be on top of his game but Richard Sherman and the Seahawks are just far too good.

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Daily NHL Picks Against the Spread

Hurricanes ml +135
Even with the public hammering the Phoenix Coyotes, the line has been moving in favor of a Hurricanes win.
Right now, there is no doubt that Carolina has seen far better road trips, as they try to get their first win in game four of their western road trip. However, the team has been doing everything right besides scoring clutch goals. The team has had a day to regroup and fly to a temperature that they are more familiar in.
Although the Hurricanes can be a bit of an unpredictable team, they are usually a very hard team to beat when focused, and right now, they should be level headed and motivated being out west for long enough.
Most of this analysis however, will lie on the emphasis of the Phoenix Coyotes recent play as of late.
The Coyotes may have an outstanding record at home, but a lot of that came from the groove that they got into in the first quarter of the season. Ever since then, they have been a mediocre team. One thing worthy of mention is that their last game, which was a 6-3 win over the Islanders, was a little bit flattering…as the Isles pretty much lay over and died in that second period. On top of that, Coyotes Goaltender Mike Smith has been very shaky as of late, and against a determined team like Carolina who is also trying to stay in the playoff picture, he could crack early in this one.
From the last couple of wins, Phoenix is likely under the impression that they are doing a lot of things right..when in reality, there are a few holes in their game including goaltending and zone coverage. Carolina has not been winning these last three games, but they should be very motivated today, and structure-wise, they look a lot sounder than their opponent.

Penguins/Red Wings UNDER 5.5 -135
It has gotten to the point of the season where EVERY team will be extra cautious against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it is evident, as 4 of the last 5 Penguins games have stayed under 5.5.
The Red Wings will be no different from any other team, and would not be very smart to try and keep up with Pittsburgh’s run and gun, without their best offensive weapon Henrik Zetterberg.
Red Wings Mike Babcock is known for his psychology, and may have a few tricks to generate scoring opportunities tonight, but best believe that it won’t be at the expense of a tight defense, especially when Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are on the ice.
The Pens are noticing a slight cool down with their top scorers…which is only a natural effect of the law of averages, and coming into game two of a back to back, the energy should be a little lower.
Get more top notch nhl betting picks against the spread from top handicappers in the world today.
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Odds to win the 2013 World Series

Odds to win the 2013 World Series 

Boston Red Sox                      15/4

Los Angeles Dodgers             9/2

Detroit Tigers                          19/4

St. Louis Cardinals                 11/2

Atlanta Braves                                    7/1

Oakland Athletics                   15/2

Tampa Bay Rays                     8/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                    10/1


Odds to win the 2013 NL Pennant 

Los Angeles Dodgers             19/10

St. Louis Cardinals                 2/1

Atlanta Braves                                    13/4

Pittsburgh Pirates                    4/1


Odds to win the 2013 AL Pennant

Boston Red Sox                      9/5

Detroit Tigers                          2/1

Oakland Athletics                   7/2

Tampa Bay Rays                     4/1


World Series Exact Matchup          

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Boston Red Sox     13/2

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Detroit Tigers          7/1

St. Louis Cardinals vs Boston Red Sox         7/1

St. Louis Cardinals vs Detroit Tigers              8/1

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox                9/1

Atlanta Braves vs Detroit Tigers                    10/1

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland Athletics   10/1

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays     12/1

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Boston Red Sox                        12/1

St. Louis Cardinals vs Oakland Athletics       12/1

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers                14/1

St. Louis Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Rays         14/1

Atlanta Braves vs Oakland Athletics             18/1

Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays               20/1

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Oakland Athletics         20/1

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Tampa Bay Rays           22/1


Series Price

Detroit Tigers (Series Prices)              5/8       (-160)

Oakland Athletics (Series Prices)       7/5       (+140)


Series Spread            

Detroit Tigers              -1½      23/20   (+115)

Oakland Athletics       +1½     20/29   (-145)


Detroit Tigers              +1½     1/3       (-300)

Oakland Athletics       -1½      12/5     (+240)


Exact Series Result

Detroit Tigers 3-0                    4/1       (+400)

Detroit Tigers 3-1                    11/4     +275

Detroit Tigers 3-2                    7/2       (+350)

Oakland Athletics 3-0             7/1       (+700)

Oakland Athletics 3-1             5/1       (+500)

Oakland Athletics 3-2             7/2       (+350)


Total Games in Series          

3          5/2       (+250)

4          7/5       (+140)

5          3/2       (+150)


Over    3½       4/13     (-325)

Under  3½       5/2       (+250)


Over    4½       3/2       (+150)

Under  4½       5/9       (-180)


Player Props


Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s in Series          


Miguel Cabrera (DET)            -175

Yoenis Cespedes (OAK)        +145


Prince Fielder (DET)               -125

Josh Donaldson (OAK)          -105


Torii Hunter (DET)                 -120

Jed Lowrie (OAK)                  -110


Victor Martinez (DET)           -120

Brandon Moss (OAK)                        -110


Game 1 Strikeouts


Total Strikeouts – Max Scherzer (DET)

Over    7 (-115)

Under  7 (-115)


Total Strikeouts – Bartolo Colon (OAK)

Over    4 (-120)

Under  4 (-110)


Series Price

Los Angeles Dodgers (Series Prices)  5/8       (-160)

Atlanta Braves (Series Prices) 7/5       (+140)


Series Spread

Los Angeles Dodgers             -1½      23/20   (+115)

Atlanta Braves                                    +1½     20/29   (-145)             


Los Angeles Dodgers             +1½     10/29   (-290)

Atlanta Braves                                    -1½      23/10   (+230)            


Exact Series Result   

Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0       4/1       (+400)

Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1       15/4     (+375)

Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2       7/2       (+350)

Atlanta Braves 3-0                  7/1       (+700)

Atlanta Braves 3-1                  9/2       (+450)

Atlanta Braves 3-2                  15/4     (+375)


Total Games in Series          

3          5/2       (+250)

4          3/2       (+150)

5          7/5       (+140)


Over    3½       4/13     (-325)

Under  3½       5/2       (+250)


Over    4½       7/5       (+140)

Under  4½       10/17   (-170)


Player Props


Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s in Series          


Yasiel Puig (LA)                     -120

Freddie Freeman (ATL)          -110


Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)         -120

Justin Upton (ATL)                -110


Hanley Ramirez (LAD)          -140

Chris Johnson (ATL)              +110


Carl Crawford (LAD)             -120

Jason Heyward (ATL)                        -110


Game 1 Strikeouts


Total Strikeouts – Clayton Kershaw (LA)

Over                            7 (-130)

Under                          7 (EVEN)


Total Strikeouts – Kris Medlen (ATL)

Over                            5½ (EVEN)

Under                          5½ (-130)


Series Price

Pittsburgh Pirates (Series Prices)        27/20   (+135)

St. Louis Cardinals (Series Prices)      20/31   (-155)


Series Spread

Pittsburgh Pirates        -1½      2/1       (+200)

St. Louis Cardinals     +1½     5/13     (-260)


Pittsburgh Pirates        +1½     20/33   (-165)

St. Louis Cardinals     -1½      27/20   (+135)


Exact Series Result   

Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0              8/1       (+800)

Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1              7/2       (+350)

Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2              9/2       (+450)

St. Louis Cardinals 3-0           4/1       (+400)

St. Louis Cardinals 3-1           7/2       (+350)

St. Louis Cardinals 3-2           27/10   (+270)


Total Games in Series          

3          5/2       (+250)

4          29/20   (+145)

5          29/20   (+145)


Over    3½       4/13     (-325)

Under  3½       5/2       (+250)


Over    4½       29/20   (+145)

Under  4½       4/7       (-175)


Player Props


Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s in Series          


Andrew McCutchen (PIT)      -110

Carlos Beltran (STL)               -120


Pedro Alvarez (PIT)                -105

Matt Holliday (STL)               -125


Justin Morneau (PIT)              -105

Yadier Molina (STL)              -125


Marlon Byrd (PIT)                  -105

Matt Carpenter (STL)             -125


Game 1 Strikeouts


Total Strikeouts – A.J. Burnett (PIT)

Over    6 (-125)

Under  6 (-105)


Total Strikeouts – Adam Wainwright (STL)

Over    6½ (EVEN)

Under  6½ (-130)


Series Price

Tampa Bay Rays (Series Prices)         11/10   (+110)

Boston Red Sox (Series Prices)          10/13   (-130)


Series Spread

Tampa Bay Rays         -1½      30/20   (+195)

Boston Red Sox          +1½     2/5       (-250)


Tampa Bay Rays         +1½     1/2       (-200)

Boston Red Sox          -1½      8/5       (+160)


Exact Series Result

Tampa Bay Rays 3-0               7/1       (+700)

Tampa Bay Rays 3-1               7/2       (+350)

Tampa Bay Rays 3-2               4/1       (+400)

Boston Red Sox 3-0               9/2       (+450)

Boston Red Sox 3-1               9/2       (+450)

Boston Red Sox 3-2               3/1       (+300)


Total Games in Series

3                      5/2       (+250)

4                      3/2       (+150)

5                      7/5       (+140)


Over    3½       4/13     (-325)

Under  3½       5/2       (+250)


Over    4½       7/5       (+140)

Under  4½       10/17   (-170)


Player Props


Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s in Series          


Evan Longoria (TB)                EVEN

David Ortiz (BOS)                 -130


James Loney (TB)                   -105

Mike Napoli (BOS)                 -125


Ben Zobrist (TB)                     -105

Dustin Pedroia (BOS)             -125


Desmond Jennings (TB)         -105

Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)           -125


Game 1 Strikeouts


Total Strikeouts – Matt Moore (TB)

Over                            5 (-135)

Under                          5 (+105)


Total Strikeouts – Jon Lester (BOS)

Over                            5½ (-120)

Under                          5½ (-110)

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Odds to Win 2014 Stanley Cup

Odds to win the 2014 Stanley Cup           

Chicago Blackhawks                        6/1

Pittsburgh Penguins                       15/2

Boston Bruins                                    10/1

Los Angeles Kings                            12/1

St. Louis Blues                                   14/1

Detroit Red Wings                           16/1

Vancouver Canucks                        16/1

San Jose Sharks                                                18/1

Edmonton Oilers                              20/1

Minnesota Wild                                                20/1

New York Rangers                           20/1

Ottawa Senators                              20/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                      20/1

Philadelphia Flyers                          22/1

Anaheim Ducks                                 25/1

Montreal Canadiens                       25/1

Washington Capitals                       25/1

New York Islanders                         33/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                       33/1

Carolina Hurricanes                         40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets                  40/1

Dallas Stars                                         40/1

Colorado Avalanche                        50/1

Nashville Predators                         50/1

New Jersey Devils                           50/1

Phoenix Coyotes                              66/1

Winnipeg Jets                                    66/1

Buffalo Sabres                                   100/1

Calgary Flames                                  100/1

Florida Panthers                               150/1


Eastern Conference       

Pittsburgh Penguins                       10/3

Boston Bruins                                    11/2

Detroit Red Wings                           9/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                      10/1

New York Rangers                           11/1

Ottawa Senators                              11/1

Philadelphia Flyers                          12/1

Washington Capitals                       12/1

Montreal Canadiens                       14/1

New York Islanders                         16/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                       16/1

Carolina Hurricanes                         18/1

Columbus Blue Jackets                  22/1

New Jersey Devils                           25/1

Buffalo Sabres                                   40/1

Florida Panthers                               75/1


Western Conference    

Chicago Blackhawks                        5/2

Los Angeles Kings                            6/1

St. Louis Blues                                   13/2

San Jose Sharks                                                8/1

Vancouver Canucks                        8/1

Edmonton Oilers                              10/1

Minnesota Wild                                                10/1

Anaheim Ducks                                 12/1

Dallas Stars                                         20/1

Colorado Avalanche                        25/1

Nashville Predators                         25/1

Phoenix Coyotes                              33/1

Winnipeg Jets                                    33/1

Calgary Flames                                  40/1


Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins                                    11/5

Detroit Red Wings                           7/2

Ottawa Senators                              9/2

Toronto Maple Leafs                      9/2

Montreal Canadiens                       11/2

Tampa Bay Lightning                       9/1

Buffalo Sabres                                   30/1

Florida Panthers                               50/1


Metropolitan Division  

Pittsburgh Penguins                       5/6

New York Rangers                           6/1

Philadelphia Flyers                          7/1

Washington Capitals                       15/2

New York Islanders                         17/2

Carolina Hurricanes                         16/1

Columbus Blue Jackets                  16/1

New Jersey Devils                           16/1


Central Division              

Chicago Blackhawks                        5/8

St. Louis Blues                                   13/4

Minnesota Wild                                                6/1

Dallas Stars                                         14/1

Colorado Avalanche                        18/1

Nashville Predators                         18/1

Winnipeg Jets                                    18/1


Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings                            8/5

Vancouver Canucks                        3/1

San Jose Sharks                                                9/2

Anaheim Ducks                                 11/2

Edmonton Oilers                              11/2

Phoenix Coyotes                              16/1

Calgary Flames                                  30/1

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NFL Odds: Seahawks Test Might in Week 4 Clash with Texans

NFL Odds: Seahawks Test Might in Week 4 Clash with Texans

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t wasted any time living up to their projection as one of the biggest Super Bowl contenders available on the NFL moneyline. This Sunday they’ll look to add another notch in their belt with a significant Week 4 victory over a formidable Houston Texans squad.

While the Texans started off their 2013 campaign with a disheartening loss to the Baltimore Ravens, there’s no denying that, after their rebound in Weeks 2 and 3, they have NFL odds worth taking a look at of their own. So long as running back Arian Foster continues to hold up, they could be an eventual postseason contender in the AFC.

With 20/1 odds of winning Super Bowl XLVIII, Houston is just revered enough to be dangerous. They may lack the hoopla that some of their conference counterparts share (New England and Denver), but that doesn’t mean they can’t still win when it counts.

Sadly for Gary Kubiak and company, regardless of their efforts over the weekend, they may not have what it takes to knock off these Seahawks. Seattle’s 17/4 NFL futures are good enough for the second spot in the league behind the Broncos. A win over one-time AFC favorite like Houston could propel their stock to new heights.

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Right Angle Sports NFL Trends and Week 3 Betting Picks

NFL Trends & Angles – Week 3
September 19, 2013

Two weeks are now in the books in the 2013 NFL season, and thus far the underdogs have had just a slight edge going 17-14-1 ATS after going 9-7 ATS in Week 2. There has been no edge whatsoever so far in the totals department with the ‘overs’ and the ‘unders’ having a 16-16 split.

While the underdogs are not tearing things up just yet, just the fact that they have a winning record ATS is encouraging with still two weeks of September football left, as the contrarian angles that we prefer seem to work best this month when lines are the softest because bettors often over-react to early-season results.

Also you will notice that we have sections below for Good/Bad Team trends, and as a reminder, we are not using those terms subjectively. Good Teams are defined as teams that won at least 10 of their last 16 games and Bad Teams are ones that lost at least 10 of their last 16 games.

As a reminder, we are only using trends for the month of September for the rest of this month before kicking off our full-season Trends & Angles in October, and all records presented are for the last 13 Septembers since the 2000 season plus the first two weeks of this year.

NY Giants



Green Bay



St. Louis



All Teams – General Angles

Play against September home favorites coming off an ATS loss (80-53-8, 60.2% ATS): Many times, teams that are favored following an ATS loss are favored more because of reputation than because of performance on the field, and that makes the chalk vulnerable in these situations. Of course there will be situations where these teams bounce back well, but as you can see by the September record, the teams have been overvalued much more often than not. Week 3 is an extremely busy week for this angle as of now. Qualifiers: Kansas City +3 at Philadelphia (Thursday), New York Giants +1 at Carolina, Tampa Bay +7 at New England, Arizona +7 at New Orleans, Indianapolis +10 at San Francisco and Detroit +2½ at Washington.

Play on September conference underdogs that were favored in their last game (89-60-8, 59.7% ATS): Novice bettors almost always prefer to bet favorites, and in their minds, when they see a team is an underdog after being favored the prior week, their general feeling is that either the team was overrated to begin the year or the team is now going up against a superior team. Qualifiers: Baltimore +2½, Detroit +2½ and Oakland +15 (Monday).





NY Jets



San Francisco


Play against September home favorites coming off a road game (134-96-13, 58.3% ATS): This percentage may be a tad lower than our others, but the very large sample size makes up for it. Bettors often assume that home favorites that were on the road the prior week will automatically improve solely because of now having home field. While that does happen from time to time, this record suggests that home field is actually being overcompensated for in the betting line. Once again, Week 3 is a huge week for this angle. Qualifiers: New York Giants +1, St. Louis +4, Atlanta +3, Cleveland +5.5, Arizona +7, Buffalo +2½, Indianapolis +10, San Diego +3, Detroit +2½ and Oakland +15 (Monday).

Good Teams – At Least 10 Wins in the Last 16 Games

Play against Good Teams in September coming off of an ATS loss (68-47-4, 59.1% ATS): Bettors are usually more forgiving when a Good Team fails to cover the spread than when a Bad Team fails to do so, as they believe the Good Teams have a better chance to bounce back stronger next game. However, a lot of times the team is simply not as good as it was the previous year, and the oddsmakers are a tad slow to adjust to that. Qualifiers: Pittsburgh +2½ vs. Chicago, Baltimore +2½ vs. Houston and Tampa Bay +7 at New England. Note: San Francisco and Indianapolis would both qualify also, but they are opposing each other.

Play the ‘over’ in September when Good Teams are coming off of a straight up double-digit win (56-33-1, 62.9%): There is a direct correlation between winning by 10 points or more and games going ‘over’, and Good Teams are more apt to repeat good performances the following week. This even applied to defensive minded teams as they too tend to go ‘over’ in double-digit wins as their fine defense usually leads to good field position. Qualifying ‘overs’: Green Bay at Cincinnati, Jacksonville at Seattle and Oakland at Denver (Monday).

Play against Good Teams as September road underdogs (47-30-7, 61.0% ATS): Sometimes bettors can get too stuck on the previous season and they automatically flock to teams coming off of double-digit-win seasons when they turn up as underdogs early the following year. Oddsmakers are quite aware of this, so when those previous winners turn up as underdogs early, there is usually a good reason for it. Qualifiers: Miami -3 and San Francisco -10.







Bad Teams – At Least 10 Losses in the Last 16 Games

Play on Bad Teams as September road underdogs (112-75-10, 59.9% ATS): Perception is a wonderful thing, and novice bettors almost always shy away from teams that looked awful the previous year when they are road underdogs early on the following season. Thus, the books can pad the lines of these games a bit, inherently giving value to the dirty dogs. This is also a fantastic winning percentage for this size of a sampling. Qualifiers: Kansas City +3 (Thursday), Arizona +7, Buffalo +2½, Cleveland +5½, Detroit +2½, Jacksonville +19, San Diego +3, Tampa Bay +7 and Oakland +15 (Monday).

Play against Bad Teams as September conference favorites (61-36-3, 62.9% ATS): Now when teams that were bad last year are suddenly thrust into the favorite role vs. somewhat familiar conference opponents, it is a totally different mindset. These are teams usually not accustomed to being favored and they often wilt when being expected to win. Qualifiers: New York Giants +1 and Buffalo +2½.

Play on the underdog when two Bad Teams face each other in September (51-25-4, 67.1% ATS): This has always been one of our favorite angles and it goes back to the theory we just mentioned in the previous trend, that being that bad teams that are suddenly expected to win often crack. Meanwhile, the underdogs often feel disrespected by being underdogs vs. such weak opponents, and they usually use that for inspiration. Qualifiers: Kansas City +3 (Thursday) and Buffalo +2½.
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NFL Odds Week 2 Broncos vs. Giants

NFL Odds: Super Bowl Favorite Broncos Try Luck against Giants

After two very different Week 1 debuts, the New York Giants and Denver Broncos will collide on the NFL moneyline this Sunday. Can Eli Manning power his G-Men to success against his visiting big brother?

While Peyton Manning and the Broncos are favored by nearly every measure in the sportsbook, the Giants have shirked their expectations on the field on more than one occasion in the past. This weekend, they’ll look to do it again, ridding themselves of the awful taste in their mouths following an ugly loss to Dallas in the opener.

The question is whether that’s possible.

With 5/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl and a 4.5-point advantage on the individual game spread, there’s no denying that the NFL odds side with the Broncos for good reason. The way Manning connected with receivers Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker shows that the veteran under center is as healthy and dominant as he might ever be.

Younger brothers have been known to spoil plenty of things in the past, but there are somethings just far enough out of reach to be considered safe. With the NFL point spread still relatively small, there’s no better choice than to pull up a seat and watch the drama unfold.

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